Christmas Storage

Elephant Click & Store Can Help You During Christmas

Receive Orders On Your Behalf

Not home to receive your online orders? Make your online shopping even easier by requesting your order to be delivered at Elephant Click & Store. We can receive your delivery on your behalf, and place them inside your own storage locker or room. There are many sizes of storage available. Our Little Elephant Lockers are perfect for storing packages, boxes, and gifts.

Store Gifts With Ease

Bring all your Christmas shopping to your own locker or room at Elephant Click & Store. It’s definitely not easy storing or hiding presents from the eyes of children at home, as they are very adventurous and they’ll find some way to stumble upon things! You can even take your time doing your gift wrapping here with us. If you need a little extra clear tape, you can find it at our Elephant Box Shop onsite.

Make Room For Christmas At Home

Many of us need extra space at home for Christmas. Between making room for the Christmas tree and creating space to welcome family and friends, self-storage comes as the perfect solution. You can send your goods for a short holiday at Elephant Click & Store, and your home will feel like a new one. When you are ready to welcome them back, simply collect them at your convenience. At Elephant, we have flexible storing facilities, and you only pay for the time you need them for.

Now you know How Self Storage Can Make Christmas Special! Happy Christmas!