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Bubble wrap - Elephant Self Storage

This Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Elephant Self Storage have found the top 4 unusual uses for bubble wrap!

You can see it as a play thing, a way to relive stress or keep your goods undamaged. Elephant Self Storage has found some ideas that are unlikely to have ever crossed your mind when it comes to picking up a simple roll of Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap Calendar.

If you have a stressful month a head, fear not. Popping each bad day could be the ultimate stress relief.

Bubble Wrap - Elephant Self Storage

Protect Your Fruit

Draws at the bottom of a fridge can be repeatedly opened and closed which can cause the food to become bruised and damaged. Line these draws with bubble wrap and this will keep your fruit safe and your fridge clean.bubble wrap - elephant self stroage

Insulate Windows with Bubble Wrap

Save on your heating bill by insulating the windows and open drafts with Bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap - Elephant Self Storage

Bubble Wrap Steering Wheel

If you find driving stressful, wrapping your steering wheel in bubble wrap may help you keep calm in traffic. Whenever you start to feel agitated, try to relax by popping the bubbles.

Bubble wrap - Elephant Self Storage


That’s a wrap! show us how you celebrated by sharing your photos using the hashtag #BubbleWrapDay

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