Elephant Self Storage Monthly Top Tip : Source Beyond The Highstreet

Redecorating or moving into your first home can be costly,, look for ways to save. Second hand, lightly used, upcycling or  salvages — the potential is high but requires some legwork and elbow grease.

Elephant Self Storage Monthly Top Tip : Source Beyond The Highstreet

If you can find, for example, a run of suitable kitchen units that is big enough for an independent fitter to cut down and re-shuffle, the savings can be astounding!

Be patient. take your time — find what you want, not what will do.

You don’t have to go to charity stores. There is plenty of options, shop where contractors do, passing up retailer DIY chain outlets for the local builder’s outlets tucked away in industrial estates for materials, lighting, plumbing, and electrics.

If you have a favorite brand in kitchens or bathrooms, contact their showroom directly about floor-sales of demonstration or show pieces.

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