How To Create Room For A Home Office

How self-storage can help to make room for a home office.

Remote working has become a reality around the world and in Ireland. Covid19 has pushed many companies to revaluate their work conditions and requirements for employees. In Dublin, more and more offices are making the decision to downsize and make remote working a permanent solution for workers. Working from home is safe in a Covid environment, but it is also becoming the solution long term to avoid the unnecessary commuting time, which has been proven to reduce productivity and add up on stress levels.

Home Offices

Setting up a comfortable and suitable home office environment has never been more important. What started as a temporary situation in March 2020 is here to stay, so making sure we have the right working space at home is of the utmost importance.

How To Create Room For A Home Office

Not everyone has a spare room at home that can be converted into an office. With this in mind, it is important to explore what the options are, be creative and organised: all we need is enough space for an office table and a comfortable office chair.

Start by choosing a room that will be suitable for your work environment and space, taking into consideration that you should be able to have some privacy to take calls and to attend online meetings: it can be a bedroom, the living room, the hallway, or even the kitchen. The important aspect is to choose a corner in a room that you will be less interrupted and disturbed.

Once you’ve picked a room, it’s now time to make space for an office corner. This is where self-storage becomes so important: The task now is to remove some furniture and objects that are not used or needed daily and move them into storage. This way, you can create space for a home office.

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