With the Covid-19 reality still here, more and more teams, professionals and business owners are shifting to setting up a proper working area at home for good. Even multinational companies, such as Twitter – who came out this month and announced that all employees will have the option to work from home forever – have identified the need to support their workforce in working remotely. Let’s have a look at How To Get Your Home Office Set Up.

The team at Elephant Click & Store has been receiving a lot of inquiries from homeowners who are looking to maximise space at home, so they can create a proper home office space. For this reason, we have decided to put together a list of tips and ideas to help you create the perfect place to build a comfortable home office space.

Choose The Right Area

When choosing a place in the house to set up your home office, think about how you’re going to use it, making sure it’s away from any potential distractions. Keep in mind that working out of two or three places of your house can be way less productive than working from one place, where you have everything ready for your daily work routine.

Set Up Your Space

Your office space at home should be more than the equipment in it. It should be a combination of the appropriate decor, lighting and overall aesthetics of the area. Having the right set up in a home office environment increases productivity and overall satisfaction. A good idea is to fill a wall with modular shelving, keeping office supplies in pretty storage boxes, using the shelves to display your favourite possessions too.

Comfortable Equipment

The first step towards working efficiently from home is to build a comfortable office, with comfortable equipment. You will spend long hours at your desk using your computer for online calls and work, so make sure to choose the right equipment to improve your productivity and wellbeing. This includes the right chairs and desks for your height, extra monitors if needed and even an ergonomic mouse.

How Elephant Click and Store Can Help You

Making room at home for creating an office space can be quite challenging when free space is an issue.

Elephant Click and Store provides multiple sizes and types of storage, for as long as you need it for. Our storage terms are flexible, and you can easily book online.


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