How To Pack To Move Home During Lockdown

Moving date is something that might not be flexible for many of us who had booked to do so. If you have a lease ending or if you previously sold or purchased a home with an upcoming closing date, it’s important that you have access to the critical services that can allow you to relocate.

While Ireland has ordered the temporary closure of “non-essential” businesses, moving is generally considered essential, and moving services providers are currently operating.

If you do have flexibility in your moving date, you should consider waiting, as this is not the easiest of the times to be moving home. If you can’t postpone your move but are concerned about exposure, an option might be to move with your own vehicle or a rental truck, provided you are able to lift and carry all of your belongings.

How To Pack To Move Home During Lockdown

  1. Contact your movers

    It is important to confirm your reservation and discuss best practices for moving day. Moving companies are putting in lots of safeguards to help protect their clients, and it helps to be on the same page as them in terms of what is expected.

  2.  Get your packing and moving supplies in advance

    Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to need for your move. You can browse online here at Elephant Box Shop to get an idea of what you’ll need based on the number of rooms and people in your house. And remember: When in doubt, always get extra boxes.

  3. Clean as you pack

    When is the last time that switch on your bedside lamp or the outside of your crockpot has been cleaned? Use this opportunity to sanitise your belongings, wiping items down with disinfectant.

  4. Finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive

    Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces, including up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes. Your movers will be wearing gloves, but for everyone’s safety, you should still have your boxes packed and sitting untouched at least a day before your movers arrive. Once they arrive, make sure to wear your mask and to request that they are all wearing masks as well to protect themselves and your family.

Due to the demand for moving and transportation services in Ireland at the moment, you may find yourself with no option but to use self-storage to store your belongings until moving services are available to you.

Storage companies like Elephant Click & Store follow proper hygiene practices, including sanitization of access pads and the requisite 2 meters or more of space between customers, and customer and employees.

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