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What is the best way to store paper documents?

Before we answer that question, let’s talk about WHY it’s important to store them properly in the first place.

Birth certificates, tax return forms, business financial records and properties deeds, might not be needed very often, but these are all important documents that you wouldn’t want to lose or misplace. Archiving is vital to both, businesses and individuals, for many different reasons.


Data protection is something most businesses are keenly aware of these days. In light of important recent updates to GDPR, businesses are now under increasing pressure to properly and securely manage information, which requires them to have effective data management processes and secure document storage solutions.

On top of GDPR, other regulatory requirements dictate that certain financial records must be kept for a set number of years. When digital and cloud storage are not option, physical document archiving can help businesses to meet these requirements by allowing them to safely store data and documents, until they’re no longer required and can be destroyed.

Reduce Your Business Costs

Whether you’re running a large international company or a small startup, it’s important to save costs where you can. Document archiving can help your business with saving costs by freeing up space and reducing operational costs. The fewer documents you have on-site, the smaller the investment is in renting or purchasing larger office spaces.

How to Store Paper Documents Securely

Paper documents should be stored in boxes or containers with exterior labels identifying the contents of each box. The boxes should be proper storage boxes, made for this purpose. You should also place the documents in lever arch files before placing them in storage boxes. Elephant Box Shop offers a variety of box sizes for safe file storage.


Paper records should be stored between 20°C and 24.4°C, in an environment with humidity up to 55 percent. Keeping storage boxes away from humidity is critical for preservation. Avoid areas like sheds and attics, due to the irregular temperature and humidity levels.

Choosing The Right Place

The location for paper document storage is vital and should meet several requirements. Partnering with a professional storage facility company can not only provide the right place, but also provide packing and storage supplies, including protection protocols in place, such as smoke & heat detection, gated storage areas, and 24/7 monitoring.

Elephant Click & Store provides a safe environment for file storage, meeting all security requirements. We also provide a FREE collection service for files and items to be stored with us. Visit our prices and availability page for more details, or click here to contact us for bespoke business storage solutions.