Blog postStoring your collectables

With the biggest space opera franchise returning to our screens with Star Wars Episode VII it is a good time to reconsider the care you put into what could be a collectable piece of merchandise. A collector is in fact an avid fan of a film, comic book, musician, band, type of coin, or even stamps! The list goes on and on however it is wise to consider figurines from The Force Awakens may also awaken your bank account and can now trade for a small fortune.

Our customers collect almost anything and as there collection grows we can offer them a penalty free transfer to a larger unit at their request.

Quiet recently we had the pleasure of storing An and her son Bennett’s 2000AD comic book collection which they started collecting  together when Bennett was quiet young, Bennett has since relocated and the very large collection was starting to take up a lot of space so An came to us for some advice to store their lifelong hobby. She began by packing the comics individually into small dividers and sleeves, then into archive boxes which she clearly labelled, then we provided a collection service and safely packed the boxes into her new unit and secured it. Sharing this passion has proven to make them both very wealthy in memories and the sentimental value of the comics is something they cannot put a price on.

Our Attic Locker is the perfect size for storing the large collection they had however we can supply units for as little as €10.00 per week.

Start your collection today!