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Packing Materials For Moving And Storing

When organizing your move and planning your relocation tasks, you can’t do without an efficient moving strategy and a detailed moving checklist, and this includes adequate packing materials: when packing for your move, you can’t do without suitable packing materials.

Considering the magnitude of the moving process, you’re advised to get hold of all those must-haves as early as possible so you have enough time to prepare for your move and complete all the necessary relocation tasks by moving day.

This is especially true for packing – the most laborious and time-consuming moving task of them all. To be able to pack your entire household on time, you need to start the process well in advance. To be able to start packing, however, you need to have proper packing materials.

Moving boxes and bubble wrap are not all you need to pack up your home and ensure the safety of your belongings during shipment. Using proper packing supplies can mean the difference between receiving your cherished possessions intact and finding them badly damaged upon arrival at your new place or storage unit.

To provide the best possible protection to your items and ensure your peace of mind, you have to figure out what specific moving packing supplies you need and make sure you have them all when packing for your move.

List of Packing Materials for Moving

Before you start packing up your home, you need to find out what packing supplies are needed to ensure the safety of your items during the move. Here is a list of essential packing materials for moving that will ensure a successful relocation experience:

All sizes moving boxes:

Having the right box size to store your belongings makes a huge difference when transporting and storing your goods. The quality of the boxes also matters as it will protect what’s inside it, or not. At Elephant Box Shop you can find all sizes of moving and storage boxes – and in case you don’t use all the boxes you bought from us, we buy them back.

Protective items for furniture, clothing and textiles:

This includes bubble wraps, furniture covers, clothing vacuum bags and mattress and textile covers. Protective items are important not only during the moving process but in particular if you are storing your belongings for a while, before moving them to their final destination.

Packing supplies:

Now that you have the boxes and the appropriate protective items, you also need packing materials to assist you with your work. This includes packing tapes, padlocks for storage, markers and labels. By having these packing supplies on hand, your job will be quicker and easier, during and after the job.

At Elephant Box Shop, you can find a large variety of moving supplies and packing supplies to make your moving and storing process as easy as possible. Happy packing and happy moving!