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Santa and elves


On the run up to Christmas Elephant Self Storage can help Santa’s Elf’s keep the true identity of Mr. Claus!

We have come accustomed to the idea that Santa’s grotto lives deep in the north pole hidden under cotton snow hills but that is far from the case. Santa’s grotto is usually set up in the early hours of Christmas morning. The Elf’s begin the task of building bikes and wrapping the stocking fillers, whilst trying to avoid floorboards or doors creaking, potentially stirring any impatient little ones.

Some presents cannot be hidden no matter how hard we try. So in order to keep the mystery and magic of Christmas alive, try out a storage Locker. Elephant Storage offers own key secure storage lockers from just €10 per week, using the size estimator it’s easy to book online or in person.

We can’t help you decide which screw goes where or what battery actually wasn’t included (yikes!), but we can keep your presents safe and offer one month’s Free Storage. Use your storeroom as “Santa’s Workshop” to, wrap and assemble your presents. This way you won’t risk losing the element of surprise and magic of Christmas Day after all!

Happy Christmas Santa’s Elf’s from Elephant Self Storage.