Project Description

In early 2016 Séan Murphy and his wife returned home to Ireland having spent a number of years working and living in Dubai.

Having built a life abroad, their home was fully stocked with furniture, belongings and memorabilia that they were unwilling to part with. Rather than leave all their items behind, they decided to ship all their belongings to Dublin.

Having previously purchased and furnished a home in Dublin they were left with a challenge of what to do with their own belongings while they re-established themselves in Ireland. Having been away for so long, moving home and asking family and friends to house their furniture, memorabilia wasn’t realistic – which is when self-storage became an option.

Séan Murphy , Returning to Ireland after Living Abroad

Having completed his research, Séan felt Elephant Self Storage was the right storage company for their needs, and he availed of three garage sized units side by side. Moving their whole lives into a storage unit, Séan was very conscious that the units needed to be of high quality, temperature controlled, in a good location and with high levels of security – Elephant Self Storage ticked all of these boxes!

Availing of a self-storage solution, as Séan states, was the best solution for them at the time, “We were making a massive move and a huge change to all our lives. Travelling the distance from Dubai to set up life in Ireland was difficult and required meticulous planning to ensure everything arrived in Ireland safely. Elephant Self Storage provided excellent customer service, sharing insightful ideas, helping to arrange deliveries and providing flexibility with their solutions. They certainly took a lot of the worry out of what can be a stressful time.”