Short-term storage is usually considered to be storage for three months or less.

This means that the situation your business is in is temporary and will be over in the foreseeable future. With Covid 19 and lockdowns now being a reality, it is important to have alternative plans and solutions in place for your business.

Short-term storage units are an affordable and convenient alternative to having to commit your business to rent expenses that are not a necessity at the moment. Storage units can be used as a short term solution for downsizing an office space temporarily, where you can store office furniture, paperwork, computers and others.

In case you are giving up your office completely for a short amount of time, short-term storage units are the perfect alternative, as you can also use Elephant’s business services, such as mailbox and receiving goods on behalf of your business.

Reducing Your Overheads Long-Term

Free up useful office space by moving out surplus inventory, furniture, seasonal goods or file archives. Self-storage units provide cost-effective, flexible and secure options.

These days, businesses have to be flexible and on the move to be competitive. If you don’t want the extra cost of a warehouse in Dublin, yet need access to stock at all hours, then our double garage-sized units are a great storage solution.

Archived paper files can take up a lot of room. You don’t need to access them regularly – but you certainly can’t throw them out. Free up useful office space and reduce paper clutter with one of our secure, clean and dry self-storage units.

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