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Storage solutions for clutter.

Decluttering your home for whatever reason can be stressful but it has been proven that a clean living environment promotes a healthy life “clean your house and your mind will follow”.

Often when a personal space becomes over run with belongings a person can feel distracted and unable to relax, by promoting some simple storage solutions you can free up space both physically and mentally.
When decluttering your home use the three pile rule, a pile for rubbish, a pile to donate and a pile to keep, don’t leave room for maybes.

Declutter for a cause, meaning using the space that is being used as a holding area for the kids toys while there of at college with an indefinite return as a possible spare room or dedicate it to a hobby, a craft room , a home gym, so much more than it is now.
Organization is key, a simple storage solution is picking up some storage boxes and labeling them, this can clear up a lot of space and also give you piece of mind knowing if you do need something it is just at an arm’s reach and you no longer need to pull the house apart causing more chaos and likely more clutter.

Collecting is still a very popular hobby and one that can be passed down through generations, treat your goods with the same time, effort and care now as you did when your first acquired them don’t allow them to become clutter and discarded over time. Storage can be used for so many things, when conquering clutter and using various storage solutions it can only have a positive effect.

Why not reclaim your space today and invest in a personal locker for €10 / €20 per week at Elephant Self Storage keeping those extra items out of sight but still easily accessible.

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