Tips for using storage boxes in your home office

Storage boxes can be very handy in the home office. Store files, paperwork, magazines and books neatly on shelves or on each other for a tidy workspace. The first step in home office organisation is clearing out the entire space! It’ll be a bit messy, but this needs to happen. Old boxes, bins, dressers, drawer units, etc. Whatever you put in there needs to come out! Next, plan the space where you work. The key ingredient in getting work done is the space to do it. Reorganise your space with appropriate shelving or box units (like the iconic Kallax from Ikea) and organise everything that you need in your workspace around your desk and shelving units. Most box shelving units will cater to boxes that are 32cm x 32cm, so you have a choice in which types of boxes to use for your storage. Use small boxes for heavy items such as books and files. Using the same size box in a small area will allow you to fit more into that area.

Tips for using storage boxes in your attic

With a variety of storage boxes and storage containers available on the market, choosing to avail of the attic roof space is a good choice for most homeowners these days.

Before you order storage boxes and fill with Christmas decorations, Halloween trinkets or other seasonal must-haves, do check first that your attic is suitable for the additional weight you plan to put up there and if in doubt, check with a professional. If you plan on storing any heavy items, placing them on any non-weight bearing surface is a bad idea. Instead of trying to refinish the attic space with new floors, add some plywood across the joists that can easily rest on the beams and help displace the weight properly.

Once you’re ready to start getting items back into your attic, consider creating a floor plan that designates specific attic storage areas! This will help you remember where every item is while also making the process of putting items back into the attic a little bit quicker.

Reasons you would use double walled storage boxes rather than plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage boxes can be great, for under kids beds, under the office table or even under the sofa. The benefit with these types of boxes is they are not tall, so can slide in and out easily under low spaces in a carpeted room, and you can quickly see what’s in each box (very handy when you are being talked to by an 8-year-old, and they are looking for last years lego set that their uncle got them).

Where this type of storage box can be less useful is when you have to make every inch count and you need to store tall. Due to the plastic lids that have rims and sit into each other, more often than not, when you stack these 4 or 5 high, they start to wobble and bend, so tend to lean into a space, making it impossible to access the bottom box without lifting off all of the boxes on top. The exclusive double walled boxes available from Elephant Box Shop are designed with extra strength and slide across each other, making them more useful in these situations.

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