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Using Self Storage For Social Distancing

As businesses slowly start to reopen, office managers are preparing strategies in order to allow for a safer work environment. The main questions managers are asking themselves are:

  • What will our workplace strategy look like after the first day back?
  • Which changes to the office are temporary? Which updates reflect a new normal for offices going forward?
  • How can we manage a sudden shift to flexible work while also supporting our people in the office?

Making more room inside office areas is actually the main answer or part of the answer for all the questions highlighted above. Decluttering office spaces are key to creating useful areas where everyone can work safely, allowing for social distancing long term, and that’s why using self storage for social distancing can be the answer.

Removing all unnecessary objects, such as file cabinets and extra furniture, can make a big difference in terms of creating room in an existing office. In fact, using your current office space smartly can allow not only for a safer environment, but it can also help you reduce your operating costs on a monthly basis, even if you have to adopt self storage rental. The logic behind it is – instead of having to pay high rates for larger office units, self storage comes as an affordable, easy, quick and safe solution.

Once an office space is clear, here are some steps that can be used to establish the 2 meter social distancing rule at workplace:

  • Consider the physical barriers which are already in place, such as cubicle walls;
  • Consider establishing temporary barriers such as rolling whiteboards, or sealing openings between cubicles;
  • Where there are no barriers, but the appropriate distance exists, consider placing a visual reminder to maintain social distance;
  • In reception areas, limit the number of seats, also allowing for the appropriate distance between them;
  • Increase distance in waiting lines. Using tape on the ground to indicate “line starts here” concept and placing tape marker at2 meter intervals;
  • Break-rooms should be managed to reduce communal use. If safe distances cannot be maintained, consider finding alternative areas to take breaks.

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