What is self storage? Elephant Self Storage Dublin

What is self storage? is a question we get asked a lot, so see below for a selection of our answers to your frequently asked questions.

How do I pay?2018-09-17T08:57:35+01:00

Rent is paid by Direct Debt every 4 week or by Direct Debt for 13 weeks, 26 weeks or yearly payments.

Do I get a discount if I prepay?2018-09-17T08:58:13+01:00

Choose from one of the options available online. Only available to new customers, one offer per customer.

When do I start paying?2018-09-17T08:58:51+01:00

From the day you move in, you only pay for the space you use and for the time you stay.

What is the minimum Stay /Charge?2018-09-17T08:59:24+01:00

4 Weeks minimum charge per stay.

Do I pay a deposit?2018-09-17T09:00:01+01:00

Pay a deposit online 4 weeks, refundable when you vacate.

When do I have to book?2018-09-17T09:00:31+01:00

In advance, preferable 2 weeks due to availability. Customers move in and out every day, therefore please check availability online.

What happens after I book online?2018-09-17T09:01:12+01:00

Will send you a booking confirmation and request additional information to complete your booking.

When can I access my storage room?2018-10-13T13:40:37+01:00

During our opening hours Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm & Saturday 9am – 3pm.


We work alongside removals – Expert Removals, they are professional removal firm who will move your goods from your home / office into storage. They charge €75 + Vat per hour for large jobs they quote per job by site survey.

Do removals pack your goods?2018-10-13T13:41:59+01:00

They can pack up also, this is charged on an hourly rate and will be done a day in advance. They will dismantle furniture if you request it, advance notice required.

Are Boxes included?2018-10-13T13:42:34+01:00

No you can buy boxes or packing supplies from our shop online, Free delivery for orders over €50 in Dublin

Can I use my own boxes?2018-10-13T13:43:09+01:00

Yes, be sure to pack them correctly. Don’t overload your boxes, Max weight 15kg, pack you boxes to the top so when you stack them they don’t collapse. Sure them with clear / Fragile tape.

Do I take out Insurance?2019-11-06T14:59:20+00:00

Under our cover, the insurance starts at €1 per €1,000 per week. If you use your own Insurance you must have your policy stating covered in Elephant Storage

How do I secure my unit?2018-10-13T13:44:16+01:00

We sell a range of locks from €14.99 – €25.00

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