What Size Moving Van Do I Need?

Vans come in various shapes and sizes. This means that there are many options in terms of size and requirements. So, What Size Moving Van Do I Need?

When deciding on van size, it’s important to consider the size (height and width) of the goods to be transported, the requirements in terms of extra passengers if needed, what route is the journey going to take and potential access difficulties when onsite, such as underground car parks, awkward delivery bays or tight parking spots. The main aspect is to make sure your choice of van size is going to fit.

Most Common Van Sizes

There are several options that you can go for in a van, but let’s take a look at the most popular sizes. It’s important to remember that van dimensions can vary based on makes and models, so always check before making a decision.

Small Van Size

A small van is considered a vehicle similar to or like Peugeot Partner. These are the smallest vans in the market and are great for the little jobs that need doing. Whether it’s clearing a room to move to self-storage or being able to get about with smaller deliveries, this van size does the job, and it’s also perfect for those not used to driving a large vehicle!

Medium Van Size

A medium van usually is a panel van with a ply lined interior to facilitate easy loading, it has a large load capacity despite its medium size. Medium size van models are Nissan Nissan NV-300 or similar.

Large Van Size

With the biggest load space of all, the large van will cover most moving jobs. The main aspect here to keep in mind is the space in the delivery bays and parking spaces you are going to use. Large size van models are like Renault Master or similar.

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