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For many business owners, storage can become a concern when premises offer limited space, so let’s have a look at the benefits of using business storage.

Whether it is a space issue or simply due to items you do not need on a daily basis, using business self storage to store your goods can provide the perfect solution for your company.

Not sure if you need it? Here are some of the reasons why businesses choose to use self storage regularly.

Out of Season Products

If you have stock that you only sell at particular times of the year, then it makes sense to store it away from your premises during the times when you won’t be selling it. At Elephant Self Storage you can simply pay for the unit on a short-term basis that covers the months when the stock is out of season and then retrieve your goods when you are ready to start selling them again. This is a great way of managing fluctuating seasonal stock volumes throughout the year.

E-commerce Websites and Online Businesses

If your company operates entirely online, then your only need for premises may be to store your products. The cost of paying a lease on warehouse or office space is an unnecessary expense that can end up costing a lot. Using business storage services is a lower cost alternative that means you do not need premises to run your company to its full potential. You simply pay for the business storage space, as and when you need it.

GDPR and Records

Some businesses need to keep documentation for a certain period of time for their own records and also for legal reasons. At Elephant Self Storage you can use our perfectly fitted size storage designed for files and paper documents, or even to store computers with confidential data. By using our services, you can securely free up the space you are currently using for archives, making it easier to focus on the paperwork for current jobs and clients.

Tidy Looking Office

There is nothing more embarrassing than welcoming clients in a cluttered office space. If your business premises are full of clutter that you do not need on daily basis, then storing some of your goods in one of our vaults will free up the space they take up. This allows you to put this space to better use, such as displaying your products and adding in better facilities for staff. Clearing the clutter will simply make your premises look tidier and smarter for employees and visitors.

Security and Protection

Businesses often have products or equipment of high value. They may also have documents of a confidential nature which also brings GDPR issues. If this applies to your business, then security is a major concern. At Elephant Self Storage all our units are safe and secure. Everything is kept under lock and key and the only person who can access the contents of the unit is you, plus anything you keep with us will be clean, dry and undamaged.

See Inside Before You Move In

Welcome to Elephant Self Storage Dublin! Curious to know how we keep our premises looking on a daily basis? Have a look for yourself by clicking here and taking our virtual tour inside the building.

If you would like to know how Elephant Self Storage can help your business, please click here to contact us.