Elephant click and store refer a friend

Refer A Friend & Earn!

Learn how to earn money by telling friends about Elephant Click & Store!

Refer a friend or a family member to Elephant Storage and you can Earn up to €100, depending on the unit size they book. This applies to every new customer/household that books in. Normal booking terms apply.

As a part of the Elephant family, you can available of this referral offer of €100 /€50 / €25 off your storage fees, and the new person who signs up with us also receives €100 off their storage bill.

When you sign up with Elephant give your unit number and full name to friends and family. When they sign up you will both receive a referral fee. You will find your unit number on your access email. If unsure email info@elephant.ie with your name and we will send you your unit number.

Terms of booking and referral

  1. You must be an Elephant Storage Customer with a signed contract
  2. You will receive money off your bill and the person who books will also receive money off. Earn money off your bill – €25 OFF for all Lockers and Walk-in units 25 – 50Sqft, €50 OFF for units from 55Sqft up to 120Sqft and €100 OFF for 120 Sqft +, send as many as you like.
  3. Accounts must be paid to date.
  4. The customer must have your account number when booking.
  5. Elephant Click & Store has the right to terminate this offer.
  6. One per household.