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Learn how to earn money by telling friends about Elephant Click & Store!

Refer a friend or a family member to Elephant Storage and you can Earn up to €100, depending on the unit size they book. This applies to every new customer/household that books in. Normal booking terms apply.

As a part of the Elephant family, you can available of this referral offer of €100 /€50 / €25 off your storage fees, and the new person who signs up with us also receives €100 off their storage bill.

When you sign up with Elephant give your unit number and full name to friends and family. When they sign up you will both receive a referral fee. You will find your unit number on your access email. If unsure email with your name and we will send you your unit number.

Terms of booking and referral

  1. You must be an Elephant Storage Customer with a signed contract
  2. You will receive money off your bill and the person who books will also receive money off. Earn money off your bill – €25 OFF for all Lockers and Walk-in units 25 – 50Sqft, €50 OFF for units from 55Sqft up to 120Sqft and €100 OFF for 120 Sqft +, send as many as you like.
  3. Accounts must be paid to date.
  4. The customer must have your account number when booking.
  5. Elephant Click & Store has the right to terminate this offer.
  6. One per household.