Art And Antiques Storage

Unique self-storage for private and public collections of fine art and antiques.

Specialist Service

Elephant Art self-storage is a specialised type of self-storage that caters specifically to the storage needs of art collectors, galleries, museums, and artists. We provide storage space that is specifically designed to protect fine art and other valuable collectibles from environmental factors such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, light exposure, and damage from pests.

Elephant Art self-storage offers a range of storage options including climate-controlled, shelving and a private viewing room for clients to inspect their artwork.

Security And Peace Of Mind

In addition to providing specialised storage solutions, art self-storage facilities we also prioritise security measures such as CCTV cameras, monitoring companies, alarm systems, and restricted access to ensure the safety of the stored artwork.

The cost of art self-storage varies depending on the size of the storeroom. However, many art collectors and institutions consider the cost of Elephant Art Self-storage to be a worthwhile investment in protecting their valuable assets.


24/7 Surveillance




Own Key Access


Individually Alarmed Units

Exclusive Benefits of Elephant Art Self-Storage

Exclusive private self-storage rooms for high-value goods.

Flexible self-storage solution for short or long-term stays. 

Own key storerooms highly secure with reinforced steel, lined with fireproof materials, ventilation & fireproof doors.

Temperature-controlled area, steady, controlled temperature and humidity monitored daily.

Free access to the room during opening hours. No appointment is necessary for access.

CCTV camera, 24-hour surveillance Netwatch, fenced with motorised gates compound, fire & burglar alarms.

Storeroom only accessed by customers, sole key holders.

Storeroom Size 130 Sqft.

Shelving can be arranged.

Insurance is arranged by customers with their insurance provider. 

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