What’s the cancellation policy? A full refund if you cancel 48 hours before your move in date. Online prepaid booking discount are non-refunable and non-changeable.

Do you provide a pickup service for short-term storage? Yes, for €200 you can get two professional removers and a truck for two hours. €55 per person per hour thereafter.

Do you have a long term lease? No, just a rolling monthly rental agreement

Can other people access my unit? Yes, if you email us authorisation for a named person.

Who secures my storage room? Bring your own padlock or buy one in our store.

Do you insure my goods? You can insure your goods with us for €3 per €1,000 in declared value, up to €50,000 in total.

How do I pay my storage rent? Debit or credit card and then direct debit thereafter.

What is the minimum storage time? 4 week stay.

Do you have any hidden charges? No.

Do you refund any unused rent? Yes, if you give us two week’s notice.

How is storage rental terminated? Just email or phone to give us two weeks’ notice.