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What are the opening hours / access times?

Access to your storeroom is Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 15:00. Staff are working behind scenes for queries Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 14:00.

Do I have to pay to access my belongings?

No. You can access your storeroom as many times as you like during our opening hours.

Can I access my storeroom outside of opening hours?

No, only during opening hours. We provide external drive-up storerooms with access outside of opening hours. Please call 014940000 or email for more information.

Does Elephant provide access outside of hours?

Yes, to specific external drive-up storerooms with access outside of opening hours.

Can I view the facility before moving in?

Yes, call us 01-4940000 to make an appointment with one of our Storage Experts.

Can I allow other people to access my storeroom?

Yes. You will need to name them on your account and give them your access code, storeroom number, and the key to your padlock.

Who has access to my room?

Only you and any individuals you give permission to. To allow someone else to access your storeroom, you need to provide them with your access code and key to your storeroom.

Can I sleep in my storeroom?

No. Storerooms are used to store your belongings only. You are prohibited from sleeping in your storeroom or using it for anything but storage. You’d be surprised how many times we are asked this!

Do you have trolleys available?

On-site there are trolleys, wheelbarrows, and a pallet truck to use at no additional cost.

How do I access my storeroom?

By using your Unique Access Code, you will have access to the building and to the floor your storeroom is on during access hours.

Can I leave my vehicle parked on your premises overnight?

No, for security reasons we cannot have vehicles left overnight.

What happens if I lose my Unique Access Code?

Email from the email address on your account. We will verify your identity and give you your access code.

Additional Services

Are the storerooms temperature controlled?

No, storerooms are not temperature controlled. They are climate controlled which means it is generally a little cooler indoors than it is outdoors. This prevents damp.

Does Elephant remove rubbish or unwanted items?

No, we do not offer waste disposal. Customers take away their own waste.

Do you do Van Hire?

No. You can rent a Cargo Van outside the Tallaght branch.

Do you accept deliveries on my behalf?

Yes. Once you have signed a disclaimer, we will accept a delivery on your behalf, and you can collect within 24 hours. There is a charge of €15 per month.

Do you offer a pick-up service?

No. You can organise your own courier to collect from Elephant. Once we approve, a parcel can be left in the holding bay. We do not pick from your storeroom.

Do you offer shelving?

Yes. This can be arranged, please email for more information.

Do you charge business rates and ESB?

No, all charges include rates, security, maintenance, ESB, cleaning, and use of common areas.

Do you provide WI-FI?

Yes, the WIFI password will be included in your welcome email.

Do you offer a printing or photocopying service?

Small amounts of printing and photocopying can be arranged (up to 20 pages). Email your file to, and we will leave your documents in your mailbox or the holding bay within 48 hours. There is a small charge for this service.

Do you provide trolleys & pallet truck?

Yes. On-site trolleys and a pallet truck are available for customers to use.

Do you provide power within the storeroom?

No. They are not workshops; however, there are sockets on the corridors and can be used with the request of staff on-site.

Are there lights within the storerooms?

No. Some large storerooms do have lights that are on a sensor connected to the corridor.

What business service does Elephant offer?

Use of meeting room • Flexible contracts • Extra access outside of hours • Shredding on-site • Cardboard recycling • Business Address Service

Changing Rooms

What if I book the wrong size?

You can change storeroom on your move-in day in person or over the phone beforehand.

Is there a charge to transfers rooms?

No. If you find you need additional space or need to downsize, you can do this at any time without costs. Sign a new agreement and we will adjust payment.

Do I need to give notice to change my room?

Yes, we recommend 48 hours notice by emailing so we can ensure the correct size is available and the room is ready for you.


Are there any discounts available?

Sometimes there are offers available to new customers. These are not in conjunction with any other offer, one per household/person.

Are there discounts for current customers?

Current customers can avail of some prepay discounts. Email for more information.

Does Elephant offer a price match?

Yes, a written quote from a competitor who offers a similar service to Elephant Storage Ltd and within a 5km radius of our location. Quotes must be given before moving in and not older than 7 days from a competitor. This price match is guaranteed for 26 weeks, normal rate thereafter. We will not price match shipping containers and removal storage. Our price match is up to 250 Sqft and is subject to availability. Please contact us for availability or check online.

Is there a student discount available?

We offer a 5% student discount. To avail of this, you must present a valid student ID from a college or university. T+Cs apply, cannot be used with another offer.

Do you offer a refer a friend discount?

Yes, if you refer a friend or family member and they store with Elephant, we will reward you with €50 cash and make a donation to a charity on your behalf. You can refer as many people as you like. T+Cs apply. Email or visit for more information.


Does my storage charge include Insurance?

Insurance is not included in the rental price. Insurance cover starts at €1.00 per week for cover up to €1000.

What does my insurance cover?

Fire, Lightning, Aircraft, Explosion, Riot, Malicious Damage, Storm, Flood, Burst Pipes, Impact, Theft (following forcible and/or violent entry or exit).

Why do I need to take out insurance?

It’s just like living in a rented property, you still need to take out contents insurance. Our insurance covers the building and you need insurance to cover your contents.

How much does it cost?

Insurance cover starts at €1.00 per week for cover up to €1,000. We will cover up to €50,000, thereafter you must arrange your own insurance. If you have no insurance we will refuse to store your goods.

Click Here To Download Our Insurance Costs PDF

Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes. We need a copy of your summary insurance policy before moving into storage and it must state ‘Elephant Storage Ltd’ on policy cover.

Is Business insurance Different?

No, the insurance offered is the same for all storage users.

What is the replacement value?

The replacement value is the total value of the goods you have in storage if you were to go and buy them now.

Click Here To Download Our Summary of our Self Storage Insurance Policy

Click Here To Download Our Insurance Costs PDF

[Click here to download the PDF](#)

Length of Stay

How long can I use your storage facility?

You can stay as long as you need, there is no maximum stay. Min charge 4 weeks.

If I prepay, will I get a refund if I cancel?

After 4 weeks stay, you will get a refund of any unused rent, minus any discount taken if applicable.

How do I cancel my storage?

You can cancel your storage by providing us with 2 weeks’ notice prior to your move out date by emailing

How do I extend my stay?

We take a payment every 4 weeks until you give your notice. You do not need to do anything to extend your stay.

Moving In

Can I move in straight away?

We recommend at least 48 hours notice before your move in date so we can ensure your room is ready for you. All paperwork must be completed online 24 hours before your move in. If paperwork is not completed, you will not be able to move in.

What do I do on my move-in day?

You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your room and your access code. Your room will be left open for you and a lock left inside if you purchased one.

What time is check-in on move-in day?

Check-in between Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 14:00.

What Documents do I need for verification?

You need Photo ID (Passport or Driver’s License), Proof of Address (Utility bill, bank statement etc), Direct Debit Details (IBAN and BIC). All paperwork must be completed online 24 hours before your move in.

What happens if I don’t have proof of address?

You can provide 2 forms of ID instead (passport and drivers license) and update us with proof of address when available.

Do I have to be there on my moving day?

No, once your paperwork is done. Provide your movers with a lock or buy a combination lock from Elephant to secure your storeroom.

Do you help people move in or out?

You can arrange removals to meet you at your property or our premises to help you move in and out. Our customer’s highly recommended Expert Removals. Contact them directly

Can I use my own lock?

Yes, you can bring your own lock or purchase one in store from €15.99. If you are not here on the day of your move-in you can give a lock to your movers or purchase a combination lock from Elephant for €21.99

Can I change my move in date?

Yes, you can phone 01 494 00 00 or send an email to to advise our Storage Experts of your new move in date.

What do I pay on the day?

The booking deposit is taken by credit/debit card and storage charges are taken by direct debit. Initial payment 4 weeks deposit (refunded when you vacate) + 4 weeks storage charges.

Moving Out

Do I need to give notice?

Yes. 2 weeks’ notice is required before you move-out by phone, or email If you move out without notice, 2 weeks are charged to your account.

What do I need to do on my move out day?

We operate by an Express Check out. On the day you will clear your room and leave it open and unlocked. Then you email advising you have cleared your room and left it unlocked.

When do I get my deposit back?

Once you have vacated and removed your lock. Your deposit is processed within 10 working days.

Do I need to be there on move out day?

No. We don’t hold keys for storerooms, give the key / code for the lock to your movers to access your storeroom.

What happens to my unused rent?

Once you have given 2 weeks’ notice, any unused rent is refunded back to you along with your deposit.

Do I have to clean my room out?

Yes, we ask that you leave the room in the same condition that it was initially provided to you. It must be clear of all your belongings and left unlocked.

Do you help people move out?

You can arrange removals to meet you at your property or our premises to help you move in and out. Our customers highly recommend Expert Removals. You can contact them online at

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation by calling 01 494 00 00 or email If you wish to change your room size or move in date that can be arranged.

What happens if I don’t give notice?

You can still move out on the day. You will be charged for the 2 weeks’ notice period and you will still receive your deposit.

Opening Hours

What are your opening hours?

Customer access hours are 8am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9am-3pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. Staff are working behind the scenes for any queries and are available 9am-5pm Monday – Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturdays.


How do I pay for my rent?

Payments are taken every 4 weeks from Direct Debit. We do not accept cash.

When is my rent due?

Storage charges are due every 28 days from your move in date. An invoice is sent 15 days before the due date thereafter. Payments are taken every 4 weeks by Direct debit.

I don’t have an Irish Bank Account, what can I use instead?

If you don’t have an Irish Bank account we can set up payments to come from your Debit or Credit card every 4 weeks.

Can I prepay?

Yes, a new invoice can be created please call us on 01-4940000 to go through our different prepay options available to you.

Is there any hidden cost?

No. You only pay for the storage you use. Please be aware to pay on time, as explained when moving in, there are late fees and bouncer fees. You will need to buy a lock and arrange your insurance.

What card do you not accept?

We don’t accept American Express.

Can I change my payment date?

No. You will be due every 4 weeks from when you started. However, if you prefer to pay the same day each month, we can adjust your charges and change to monthly. Email for more information.


What paperwork do I need to complete?

Ahead of your move in you need to complete your booking Form (upload photo ID, Proof of address and supply emergency contact on account), Sign a License Agreement and fill out Direct Debit Mandate. These need to be completed online 24 hours before your move in date.

When does it need to be completed?

All paperwork needs to be completed online 24 hours before your move in date.

When will I receive my License Agreement?

You will receive your License Agreement shortly after we receive your booking form.

Do I need to print and post in my paperwork?

All paperwork can be completed online!

Why do I need to sign paperwork?

The storage license is a legal agreement between Elephant Storage Ltd and the customer.

How do I update my contact details?

Email new details to For address changes please include proof of your new address.


How secure will my belongings be?

We have the highest standards of Security at Elephant Storage. We have over 90 CCTV cameras, both internal and external, that are monitored 24/7 by Netwatch. We are a gated facility and each night the whole building is locked up, shutters down and protected by sensor activated burglar alarms, smoke and fire detectors. Only you have access to your storeroom, each customer is the sole keyholder.

What happens if I lose my key or code?

For security reasons only Elephant Staff can remove locks. You will need email ID to, complete a form online and pay a fee of €15. We will then arrange an appointment for your lock to be removed.

What happens if I lose my Unique Access Code?

Email from the email address on your account. We will verify your identity and give you your access code.

What You Can Store

Can I run my business from my storeroom?

You can store stock/inventory and access as you need to. Many customers have their stock stored in Elephant and deliveries sent to Elephant while they are on the road. You can create a filing system within your storeroom, this means you have no access cost. There are plenty of services we offer to help support running your business.

Can I store a Car?

No. We don’t provide storage for cars internally or externally.

Can I store a motorbike?

Yes, if you are not using it regularly and empty the gas tank.

Can I store a mobile home/caravan?

No. We don’t store mobile homes or caravans on site.

What You Can’t Store

What you can’t store

You must not store (and you must not allow any other person to store) any of the following in your Storeroom:- • food or perishable goods; • birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures; including plants • combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents; • firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition; • chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents; • toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature; • any item which emits any fumes, smell or odour; • any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained, including counterfeit goods, illicit (smuggled/counterfeit) tobacco, illicit alcohol, unlicensed medicines, unsafe goods (including toys, electrical items, cosmetics, fireworks); • compressed gases.


How do I get my belongings to my storage room?

You can bring them yourself in your own car/van, we have free parking available. Rent a Cargo Van there is one located outside our premises in Tallaght. Expert Removals Professional Removal Company are highly recommended by our customers. A tip when booking removals – Don’t buy on price. The cheapest, are cheap as more than likely they don’t have the correct insurance or skills to move your belongings. It may cost more in the long run.

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