Many of us will find ourselves at some point in our lives without the space to store some of our beloved personal items and goods. This is when a self storage service can be extremely useful and beneficial to us.

Personal self storage is an affordable way to store your items during a short period of time, or to store items while transitioning into another place.

Having a place to store what is valuable to you can make life easier in many situations, avoiding problems with household clutter. If your belongings are taking over and making it hard to walk through your house comfortably, renting a self storage unit can help.

A spacious and organized living space will make you feel more comfortable and happier about your home.

This is when you can benefit from personal storage:

When you are a frequent traveler

Your job may require you to travel often or you may travel for recreation. If you have bulky items that are too inconvenient to take every time you leave home, consider storing them. With a self storage unit, you can leave your valuable items and know they will be protected while you are gone.

When you need storage for your sports or hobby equipment

A passion for one or more hobbies might be an important part of your life. If you have bulky sports equipment that is only used during part of the year, a self storage unit can keep it safe. You can even store some sport vehicles in a storage facility, but be sure to verify all regulations and laws before doing this.

When you enjoy shopping a little too much

A shopping spree every now and then is a great way to refresh the visual and feel good, but sometimes closet space can become an issue when you have several models of seasonal shoes, clothing and handbags to store. Personal storage is a great solution for creating that little extra space in your closet at home: you can organise your clothing by season, and then send away what you won’t need for the next 3 to 4 months.

When you need to store items for winter

If you live in an area with harsh winter weather conditions, it is a good idea to protect your yard equipment and outdoor furniture. Consider an indoor self storage unit if you have items that are sensitive to weather changes or damage.

When you need to store seasonal house decoration

Easter, Halloween, Christmas and even birthday decorations: all these items add up, and then end up taking up a lot of space at home. An easy way to sort them and store them, is to order a pick-up service from a storage facility that can deal with all the hassle for you.

Little Elephant Lockers and Personal Storage

You can send your lovely goods on holidays with Elephant Self Storage. Our new Little Elephant storage format is perfect for storing away your goods. These secure lockers can fit up two car bootfuls of items and start at just €10 per week, with two locker sizes available.

Take a look at our virtual tour here to see more on Elephant Self Storage and our storage options available. You can also click here to contact us and find us.