Bringing Technology To The World Of Self-Storage

As the digital age continues to flourish, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to avoid the siren call of technology.

What successful business do you know that doesn’t have a website or Facebook page, for example? You could even argue that certain firms have their heads in the sand when it comes to accepting the fast pace at which the world moves today.

So, how does technology factor into the daily activities at a self-storage company?

Tech meets self-storage: Bringing Technology To The World Of Self-Storage

Jude O’Meara from Elephant Click & Store, explains how technology is a key ingredient in the business:

Technology is key to our business. Security is of the utmost importance to us at Elephant Click & Store, as customers trust us to mind their items, and we, in turn, must ensure that these are kept exactly as our customers have left them. The facility at our base in south Dublin has over 90 CCTV IP cameras, electronic gates which are controlled by staff, individually alarmed units, access-controlled systems (which restrict and allow customers into separate zones) as well as panic alarms for added safety.

As a business, we are constantly monitoring our operating systems to remain ahead of the curve and provide the most up-to-date systems available. On a day-to-day level, technology has helped us move many administration jobs over, allowing staff to spend more time helping customers.

As technology continues to evolve and new methods of business practice emerge, companies such as ESS must strive to keep step with the latest trends.

Attending international self-storage conferences in the past, made us realise that having the latest technology available is paramount to us. This ensures that we are always abreast of the current trends and industry discoveries.

Self-storage over renting

Whether a customer is a homeowner who needs more space or a business owner who would like to utilise their office space more effectively, self-storage presents itself as an affordable and practical solution.

Elephant Click & Store is conveniently located at Tallagh, with easy access from the M50.

For start-ups, small companies or companies looking for a base in Dublin without the overheads and long-term commitment, self-storage is an ideal solution. With a self-storage unit, there are no long-term leases, electricity bills or security and maintenance charges, and customers have free access to their unit with a reception area that accepts deliveries on their behalf.