The Client

In May 2005, Elena Baburin and her husband Alexander opened up Julia Rossini Shoes in Blackrock Shopping Centre. Given the nature of the business, a large volume of the stock is necessary on a daily basis. Elena also holds on to some stock from season to season and holds regular shoe sales. From a health and safety perspective, the stock room within their unit at Blackrock Shopping Centre was not functional. Boxes and boxes of shoes were piled up against walls, potentially blocking fire passages and posing a major health and safety issue.

The Move To Elephant

Elena began renting a storage unit from Elephant Self Storage in June 2005. The company expanded quickly, meaning a lot more stock that required a larger storage space. The team in Elephant Self Storage were extremely helpful and accommodating and worked with Elena to move to a bigger storage unit.

When the recession took hold from 2008 to 2011, Elena downsized her stock requirements and once again Elephant Self Storage worked with Elena to move to a smaller unit and ensure she was availing of the most suitable storage unit for her requirements. Thankfully, Julia Rossini Shoes weathered the storm of the recession and is once again a thriving business expanding with two more stores opening in Swords and Athlone. Elena believes that her business would not be where it is today without the help of Elephant Self Storage both in accommodating her changing needs and offering a soundboard of advice when she needed it most.

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