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Furniture Storage For Business: Why It Makes Sense.

From furniture desks to computers, and files with sensitive information, self-storage for businesses provides them with a secure place to keep items safe while not in use, saving them from having to fork out for expensive businesses premises.

Whether a business is looking to store unused office furniture or non-essential items or is searching for a safe and secure space to keep confidential documents, self-storage for business is a smart option to consider, as it is affordable and flexible, meaning that businesses can use self-storage for as long or as little they need, without compromising their cash flow and the need to spend more on expensive premises.

Office space is a very valuable facility to avail of, so maximizing the space and using it in a clever way is of the utmost importance. Using expensive office space for storage doesn’t make sense – instead, move those lesser needed items into storage and make more space for staff and useful facilities. Whether your business is considering downsizing or relocating, if you’re a business you’ll probably have furniture, equipment, technology, and documentation that will need to be kept safe while the transition.

Why Use Furniture Storage For Business

  • Cost-effectiveness: with business self-storage units, you’re not tied to long contracts, and your business doesn’t have to pay expensive fees for the storage space;
  • Flexibility: With self-storage, you can store as little or as much as you like, for as long or as little as you need. While larger units will cost more, it’s simple to scale up or down your storage space depending on your business’s needs;
  • Security: At Elephant Click & Store, our premises are monitored by 24/7 CCTV while all our storage facilities have individual padlocks, with PIN code access for each area;
  • Additional extras: From boxes to tapes and bubble wrap, our Elephant Box Shop offers customers a range of packaging materials that you can order online or simply purchase onsite when you wish or need to.