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Overflow is a common problem for warehouses and business storage facilities with size restrictions.

But before a business considers taking on a lease for a larger commercial property, considering a self-storage solution may be the best long term answer for warehouse related issues. Understanding how self storage can help with warehouse overflow can become essential for a business’s success.

When you choose self-storage instead of the commitment of signing long term expensive leases, you are not only solving your business warehouse issues, but also avoiding unnecessary expenses for the space that you may not be using at all times. Products can get returned, over-shipped, or simply backed up somewhere in the supply chain, so your need for storage may change from time to time.

Elephant Self Storage Warehouse Solutions

Let’s explore how self storage can help with warehouse overflow:

  • A solution for Christmas stock and overflow storage. You use and pay for only what you need for a specific amount of time. This can be charged weekly, monthly or annually;
  • There is no long term commitment or contract. You can join and leave a self storage unit anytime;
  • Free Access unlike a traditional warehousing
  • Free Use of trolleys and Pallet Truck on site
  • Individually Own Key Storerooms, Only you have access to your storeroom.
  • Drive-Up Storerooms with out of hours access available.
  • Security, electricity, WI-FI and cleaning are included in the services and provided at all times;
  • At Elephant, there are many sizes of units available to solve small requirements to full warehouse demand;
  • Delivery acceptance and held in holding bay;
  • Shredding;
  • Meeting room facilities;
  • Business address service available.

If you would like to discuss your warehouse temporary or long term requirements with our team, please click here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01 494 0000.