How To Make Furniture Storage Easier

When storing furniture in a self-storage facility, its essential to take proper precautions and use the right materials to ensure your furniture remains safe and in good condition during its stay.

Before transporting your furniture to the storage unit, be sure to wrap and pad all the pieces to protect them from scratches and dents. Use blankets or sheets to cover all surfaces. You can also use shrink wrap or bubble wrap to add additional protection. Once everything is protected and wrapped, you can also use the appropriate type of moving boxes to safely transport smaller furniture items to the storage unit. You can find storage boxes online here, or purchase them onsite at Elephant Click & Store.

It is important to remove any accessories, such as knobs, drawers, and other items that may shift during transportation. Additionally, it is important to avoid stacking items to prevent damage when transporting them.

Storing Furniture In a Storage Facility

When it comes time to organising your items in the storage unit, make sure to use spacesaving techniques to optimise space and make them easier to access when you need to.

You can start by measuring and writing down the dimensions of all your furniture items. Once this is done, you can group items together based on how often you access them, assigning each group to a designated space inside the storage unit. Developing a plan and creating a map of the unit will make it much easier for you to store and unpack your items, and even more important, make sure to create clear a path from the door to the items to ensure safe and easy access. Finally, label all inventory and all items stored in the facility. This will help with organization and retrieval when needed.

Finally, use furniture protectors and breathable fabric covers when needed, and store items off the floor when possible to optimise space.

Did You Know?

Storing furniture in a self-storage facility is a great way to make room in your house or to protect items during times of transition. This is also an excellent way to keep items safe and secure, as many selfstorage facilities offer climatecontrolled units and other security measures. 

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