Looking to know How To Spend Quality Family Time At Christmas?

Christmas is just a few weeks away and all are making plans to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Families will be crossing the country or even continents to be together and enjoy the festivities together. If you have a large family, then making room to welcome everyone is a requirement that can be difficult to fulfill when space is an issue.

That’s when self- storage can be the perfect solution for making room for what matters. Having things packed away and safely stored at Elephant Self Storage, gives you time and space to focus on what’s important this time of the year: Quality Family Time!

How To Spend Quality Family Time At Christmas

Christmas can be the best time for a family get together. Disconnecting from everyday stress and connecting with family and friends during festive holidays is the best thing we can do for spreading love, laughter, gratitude, warmth and smiles. The purpose of celebrating Christmas is also to create an atmosphere where every member of our family feels loved. It is not always possible to make everyone happy with gifts only, so let’s explore what can we do to create memorable moments together for everyone.

Define Contributions In Advance

Knowing in advance what each family member needs to bring to a family gathering is essential. We can not avoid a lot of the pressure of getting stressed in the last minute trying to organise what’s needed. This also gives us the chance to plan ourselves financially for all the extra expenses that comes with Christmas.

Appreciate Everyone

Appreciate the work done by the children and the contributions made by the adults. Kids and teenagers feel very special when their efforts are praised and appreciated, no matter how small they are.

Make Time To Share Family Stories

Sharing family stories with children and teens make them feel included, loved and special. Make them aware about the importance and relevance of quality family time, and take the opportunity to help them increase their knowledge. You can also share family stories with everyone in the family. Let the elders start by sharing their experiences about life and Christmas and how with time things have changed. Use photo albums and share old pictures with everyone.

Have Meals Together

Make time to sit with family members during Christmas and have as many meals together. Include kids to make them feel special and also to show them that no matter how busy life is during the year, we have time for them always. Bake together and share ideas for decoration with toppings and try experimenting. Baking is an important holiday pleasure that brings people together. This is a great opportunity to share family recipes and make the house smell incredible!

Play Games Together

Introduce a NO PHONES time during the day to spend quality family time. Organise competitions between family members and play board games together, but make sure to involve as many members as possible. The main objective is to have fun, so don’t get into an argument with a family member who doesn’t want to take part.

Enjoy Outdoors

If you are planning for a whole week together with family and extended family, then going outdoors is the perfect thing to do. Wrap up warm and go for walks and short trips to places nearby. The main thing is to plan a relaxed event out, so everyone can change the indoor atmosphere to outdoors’s fun! Get some fresh air, or even go shopping with parents and grandparents who often do not get out of the house;  this is a great way to spend quality time together. It’s a perfect holiday gift you can give by gifting them your company!

Organise a Secret Santa or Kris Kinddle

Financial issues affects many families and can place them under pressure to meet others at Christmas. Family relationships can be negatively affected at Christmas as a result. Organising a Secret Santa is the perfect alternative to not having to buy gifts for every family member. Remember: Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, so don’t let financial issues and the stress that comes with it interfere with it, as difficult as it can be.

Families who spend time together share a strong emotional bond. Spending time with family reflects a sense of belonging and an enhanced communication. So click below if you wish to make space at home for what matters this Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Team at Elephant Self Storage!

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