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Packing Supply Tips

Tips to follow when packing your home to move or when having renovations done.

Packing Supplies are a vital part of ensuring your valuables are kept safe and protected while moving house or during renovations. Sometimes the hardest part is where to start and what packing supplies are needed, but using the correct storage box is quite important.

Get The Right Box

Small boxes, such as Elephant’s ‘Budi’ box, are ideal for books, DVDs, and small heavy items. If you fill a large box with books it will be very heavy to lift.

Elephant’s ‘Asha’ box is ideal for kitchen wear, pots, and pans, while the ‘Tusko’ box is ideal for clothes, lampshades, and toys. The ‘Jumbo’ box is good for anything bulky or bedding-related.

All Elephant’s boxes are double-walled, meaning two sheets of cardboard are sandwiched together to make the boxes durable and extra strong. This prevents the boxes from collapsing or the bottom falling through.

Our own branded boxes are also used for sending goods abroad by freight. They are so durable that you can use them time and time again – but remember: when using them to ship abroad remove any previous labels that may have been on the box.

Elephant Click & Store also stocks a full range of packing supplies, from moving boxes, tape, locks, furniture covers, bubble wrap, labels, and markers, to picture covers.

Get Protection For Your Furniture

You can protect your furniture during the move by using furniture covers. Furniture covers protect your good sofa and mattress from moisture, dust, and tear, and they are well worth the small investment.

You can also protect valuable paintings and picture frames for as little as €5.98 by purchasing a picture pouch to keep them like new.

Your TV and any fragile furniture can be wrapped in bubble wrap when transporting or storing. For plates, cups, and glasses, use tissue paper or old newspaper: this takes up less space inside the storage boxes.

You can drop into our shop at Elephant Click & Store, or order your packing supplies online via our new Elephant BoxShop here. Check out our box shop for great savings on moving packs!