Rent a car or van

“Insurance premiums are so high that it can be cheaper to rent a car on a regular basis. That is certainly what education expert Sue Whyte discovered after she was quoted a huge figure following an accident.

It is, she has calculated, far cheaper to rent than to run a vehicle with insurance at such prohibitive levels.

A car covering 50,000km a year would easily fall in value by €2,500/€3,000 a year initially. And there is no NCT to worry about, no road tax – the list goes on.

Which explains why, for the equivalent of €60-a-week (plus fuel costs, of course) she doesn’t see why she should bother going through the process of trying to get insurance quotes for a car of her own.

“It’s manic when you’re paying more for your insurance than you are for your car. I don’t see any reason to stop hiring. It’s just bizarre how convenient it is.”

George O’Connor, MD of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, says: “Sue’s story shows how out of synch our car insurance market is when a single lady who works full-time cannot afford her car insurance due to failures within the system. This matter is serious and is something our company has actively engaged on with government groups.””

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