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Shipping from Ireland to Canada, Australia, America , Dubai the list is endless but the rules can be daunting. But it is now more convenient and cost effective than ever before. It doesn’t matter which countries you are sending to or from – these International tips are useful for all.

If you’re looking to send a gift to your friend in Chicago, or a Christmas parcel to your sister in Vancouver its important to shop around courier costs to deliver have come down significantly over the years and are often the same cost if not cheaper than the local postal system.

Shipping Overseas made Simple with Elephant Self Storage

Every country has taxes and duties that are payable by the recipient depending on the items value, weight or size. You can learn about postal restrictions and prohibitions through The International Post Guide.

Currently An Post largest parcel postage caters for items up to 1.5 meter length and 3 meter in width  and is subject to a physical & dimensional weight limit of 20kg. The Jumbo box with 0.84meters height x 0.62meters width can be seen as the Pandora’s box of Shipping holding upto 20kg weight ideal for Christmas gifts and the annual Tayto and Teabag refill!

Shipping Overseas made Simple with Elephant Self Storage

In addition to all the above, make  sure you have the correct recipient information like name and address , also make sure you are as descriptive as possible when writing the external information on the box such as the contents.


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