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Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions are storage concepts that are considered practical and clever, whether they are smart furniture storage solutions, smart goods storage solutions or smart furniture & goods storage services.

The key to storing items and goods correctly is a combination of how to store them and where to store them – which leads to the key concept of smart storage solutions.

If space for storing at home is an issue, Elephant Click & Store has a range of smart storage solutions onsite, where you can avail from small cabinet storage spaces, perfect for small items and seasonal items, to large storage units perfect for furniture, boxes and paper files – but if would like to know how to use the space left at home to create smart storage solutions, then let’s have a look at these ideas we came across.

10 Clever Storage Solutions

  1. Install shelves along the perimeter of  bedroom walls. Put the space to work by installing shelves along the perimeter of the room walls, which will add meters of storage space. A shelf installed above the bedroom door, or any room door, can create plenty of extra storage space immediately;
  2. Hang a clothes rack in an empty corner;
  3. Use crown molding as a shoe rack. Crown molding is unobtrusive since it blends in with the wall. This simple smart storage hack will work best with heels;
  4. Add storage boxes that fit under the bed, in case beds don’t have drawers built in. Opt for purchasing beds that either come with storage, or, have space to add storage boxes underneath;
  5. Stack suitcases to create a nightstand. Stacking old suitcases can create a nice vintage looking nightstand, while modern hard-shell suitcases will add a clean look to the room;
  6. Store your tank tops on shower curtain rings. Drawer and closet space is a precious commodity, so attaching shower rings to a hanger will allow for many tank tops and other clothing items to be stored by using only one hanger;
  7. Hang a cork frame on the wall for jewelry storage, avoiding the need for space to store multiple boxes;
  8. Suspend bicycles from the ceiling, so they can be stored properly but out of the way;
  9. Hang trousers and jean on S hooks. Use them in the closet or add a new rod anywhere high in the room;
  10. Use hanging fruit baskets as storage for a multitude of items in many different rooms. They take very little space and can store a lot.

If after trying all of the above at home, and storage space is still an issue, considering a self-storage facility for storing seasonal items including decoration and clothing is the solution. You can click here to browse all storage size options and prices online.

Source: Make Space