Why Outsource Storage For Business Files

Despite all the online tools and facilities created by modern technology, many businesses still must retain paper-based documents as a legal requirement.

Businesses dealing with people’s personal information on required paper documents, such as patient records, PAYE details, occupational health records, and accident reports, must keep these files for a long period of time.

But making the room to store paper files in the office or onsite can be challenging, mainly due to space and security. Many companies are not be equipped with security measures to ensure the safety and protection of important documents.

Storing business files offsite comes as a cost-effective and efficient solution for business file storage.

Below are the reasons why your business should use self-storage for file storage.

Why Outsource Storage For Business Files


Having your documents stored onsite can take up an enormous amount of space, even when they’re located in filing cabinets or kept in a specific storage room.

By moving paper files and documents and having them stored offsite, we can create valuable space in our premises. Whether this space is to be used for a less-cluttered working environment or it is to be allocated for other purposes, at the end of the day it is more room to run your business.


Storing documents and files onsite can make businesses vulnerable by risking important records being damaged, stolen, or getting lost.

By using a reputable self-storage service we can avail of secure storage facilities to ensure that sensitive document files are completely protected against natural and incidental disasters.

Most self-storage facilities avail of the latest technology and security measures. At Elephant Click & Store all areas are monitored by a 24/7 CCTV system, with a unique personal code system in place which is required in order to enter the facilities. A climate control system makes sure that all storage areas are kept dry and at an optimum temperature at all times.

In addition to our onsite security facilities, storage boxes for paper files are available to be purchased onsite. Our storage boxes for paper files are made of a resistant material, perfect to preserve all paper files. You can also purchase them online in advance here.

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