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Whether it be because of finances, career change, relationships or just the urge to try something new, If you’re in the midst of planning a move, you’re not alone!

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Here is the top five reasons people move.

  1. Downsizing – Often when children leave a home it can become a huge job taking care of an unoccupied space. You can also make major savings on electricity and maintenance costs.
  2. For an Easier Commute – some people might want to be away from populated areas but others might work closer to the city, you should never make your location a limitation and sitting hours in traffic can be tedious.
  3. For a job – This also includes job transfers,  promotions, or office relocations.
  4. Lifestyle change – It’s very easy to be tired or board of the same place. Especially with so much information ,technologies and transport on hand its very easy to up and leave.
  5. For a relationshipWhen starting a committed life with a significant other, getting married, or receiving news for an additional member or two on their way couples often need more space.

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When you are on the move, sometimes things don’t always go to plan and you may need a few days to store the contents.  Contact Elephant Self Storage today on 01 494 0000 or email

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