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New year, new home!

Now that we are in the middle of January and back to our routines, we can start planning that home move for 2020, by learning some tips for moving house efficiently.

Moving home sounds exciting and it is exciting, but at the same time, it’s important not to trip and fall (literally!) in the middle of the operation, by understanding how to proceed and get yourself organised for it.

Start Packing

Let’s talk packing supplies! You will need a variety of boxes to accommodate your belongings. They need to be sturdy enough to deal with all the moving around. Purchasing appropriate boxes and other packing materials is an important part of house relocation. If you have any spare plastic boxes, you can keep them to store your fragile and valuable items.

At Elephant Box Shop, you can purchase all packing supplies you need for moving home, and you can also return any unused boxes you’ve purchased.

You will need:

  • Small boxes;
  • Medium boxes;
  • Large and Heavy duty boxes;
  • Wardrobe boxes;

You can make wardrobe boxes yourself by using a tall enough box and adding a metal rail. If you wish to purchase a ready made one, you can order online from Elephant Box Shop.

Other items you will need:

  • Packing tape;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Old newspapers;
  • Furniture covers;
  • Markers;
  • Plastic bags;
  • Labels.

Now that you have all the items you need to start packing, it’s time to get your hands on and start working away! Keep an eye on Elephant Self Storage’s Blog for Part 2 on Tips For Moving House Efficiently. We will be covering the topics on How To Pack Safely, How To De-Clutter, How To Keep a Track of Your Belongings, How To Smart Pack For Optimum Space Use and How To Use Home Self Storage When Moving Home.