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equestrian equipment storage

The success of Cheltenham and it’s four day lifespan is undeniable, drawing crowds from all over with all eyes focused on the track, horses and jockeys.

The care and maintenance of equestrian equipment is a very important part of maximizing its lifetime. An important component of care is proper storage, which also makes a big difference in the long-term quality and functionality of equipment.

Learn a few tips on proper storage so that you can keep your equestrian equipment in tiptop shape for training and performances. 

For leather, prevention of damage is key.  clean, condition, and oil it.  Do this every few months to prevent drying out, cracking, etc.

Store all leather totally wrapped up.  Some saddle covers can zip up and totally enclose a saddle. Other saddle coves only cover the top, in which case a sheet or thick blankets can be used to wrap the underside.  Bridles,  martingales, reins and miscellaneous leather pieces are easily stored in bridle bags or in smaller boxes.

Grooming products, are used at the start, middle and end of the day. Its important that they’re easily accessible and well sorted, using something along the lines of a wall mounted bathroom organiser to keep everything together .

Cottons and Fabrics, a winter accessory. When summer comes around, it’s time to store away. Before storage, be sure to check that everything is free of hair and dirt, and well dried so that there’s less chance of mold or mildew forming.

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