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Work Experience with Elephant Self Storage .

Keeva is a fifth year student in a local school and has just completed her work experience with Elephant Self Storage .

While Keeva was here she helped with the daily running of the office, such as stocking our Box Shop, helping with general administration and acting as a focal point when customers called into the office or over the phone

Work Experience with Elephant Self Storage

Keeva says “Being here gave me so much experience for when I leave school; I learned so much from my experience in the office and working alongside the staff. I had the opportunity to develop great communication, organising and time management  skills. I made the most of my time in Elephant Self Storage by asking plenty of questions about the systems and how they operate.  Before I started I was unsure what it would be like to work in an office, I soon learned the staff and the customers have a great relationship with each other and its always really busy and lively . This experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed working in such a friendly atmosphere with such nice staff and customers”

Keeva was a great asset to the Elephant Self Storage team and all of the staff would like to wish her well in the future

Work Experience with Elephant Self Storage

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