Are you ready for a tiny house? Have you even considered what it would be like to move into a tiny home, like the ones on Netflix’s Tiny House Nation?

Tiny-house building has become big all over the world in response to rising house prices, tough mortgage repayments and changing lifestyles, and Irish people are beginning to get increasingly curious about this way of life.

Younger and first-time homeowners face challenges even getting on the property ladder and the older generation are finding it difficult to downsize because of the housing crisis.

With rising construction costs and the expense of home energy, people are looking for energy-efficient homes.

A Cork builder, JP Simpson, who himself has lived in a tiny home for more than 15 years, thinks smaller smarter homes could be the answer to the current housing crisis.


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“People now want more freedom in their lives, and they don’t want to be tied down to massive debts. Living big lives in small spaces is one way of making these dreams a reality,” says JP.

It’s an intriguing concept, whether you’re interested in moving into your own tiny dream home or as an Airbnb income generator.

“After working on many different projects around the world and in Ireland, from bespoke cabins to largescale housing projects, I came to realise that people’s attitudes to homes and their lifestyles are changing. People don’t want to be chained to huge mortgages and they don’t want the hassle of maintaining large houses. What they want is a better quality of life, a better work-life balance. Tiny homes allow them the freedom to enjoy life. After living in a tiny home myself for over 15 years, I know all too well the freedom that tiny living offers. These years of tiny living have significantly influenced our designs as I saw firsthand what works well in small spaces.” (Quotes from

If you’re interested in moving into a tiny home, we have you covered for the extra space you need from a variety of storage solutions suitable for personal use, home moving sizes and we can probably even manage your post for you if you want us to.