Elephant Self Storage , Elephant of the Month, Oupoot

This months elephant of the month, Oupoot . The only elephant left in the entire Knysna forest.

Elephant Self Storage , Elephant of the Month, Oupoot

Where a herd of elephant a thousand strong once roamed the mighty Knysna forest and surrounding regions in Africa until the 1900s, Oupoot is now the only one left.

Oupoot or Big Foot named after a legendary animal character in Dalene Matthee’s seminal novel, is now 45 years old.

Oupoot is a major worry for local authorities. Elephants are herd animals and a solitary animal is not considered happy or healthy.

Many solutions have been suggested such as introducing orphaned calves or an entirely new herd. For now, Oupoot walks in circles alone along the paths as whatever decision is made will have repercussions on Oupoot as well as other elephants that may be brought in from the outside. This is because of differences in terrain and complex social issues, among other considerations.

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