Storage Wars is one of our favourite American TV shows, as it’s often funny and entertaining and relates to us and our clients about the concepts of Self Storage. A lot of time when we are going through sizing options for our clients, whether is upgrading or downgrading unit size, the options of the outside storage options with roller shutters come up in conversation, and we nearly always get to talking about storage wars. It’s great for us, as it helps us break down the concept of self-storage to our clients and helps our storage advisors assist in the correct selection of our available units to let.

While the idea of the auctions is not a reality in Ireland, which we get asked about a lot, what we do have in common with the show is it ultimately comes down to people making choices and the same can be said about the process our storage advisors go through with all clients when they start their process. Often, we can advise when you should choose to use professional moving companies, provide you with tips on how to pack your boxes before you start to move in, tips on how to organise your unit floor plan so it’s easy to pop in at any time and find the one box or item you need that day, and that becomes beneficial to our clients in making the right choice on their units.

So, with that being said, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite Mashup clips of Storage Wars about the characters, provided by the official A&E YouTube channel, which we hope brings a smile to you today.


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