How a Removal Company Can Help You Move Home

Hiring a removal company when moving home has many benefits. The removal team is professionally trained in a comprehensive range of packing services, being able to wrap as much or as little as you choose, from your whole the house to just small delicate items.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a removal company:

  • The removal company team takes meticulous care when moving your items. They can go as far as disassembling beds, cots and any other furniture if it won’t fit through doors, and then reassembling it at the new location;
  • They will wrap all your fragile belongings for complete protection for the journey to your new home, and safely load your belongings to ensure they will arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. In case you wish to do all the wrapping yourself, you can get all you need for it here;
  • Loading and unloading items is a tiring and tricky endeavor, something that you should not have to deal with. Leave all the heavy lifting to the removal team, so you can have a pleasant moving experience.

Removal Services and Self Storage

In the event that you need the removal company to hold to your goods prior to shipping, or, if at destination you are not yet ready to take the delivery of your goods, the removal company can also arrange for your goods to be stored in a safe and secure manner, for as short or as long  you require.

Professional removal companies can guarantee your goods will be held in a safe, secure, dust free and temperature consistent environment. Everything you leave with them is securely monitored 24/7, and all your items are fully insured.

Expert Removals

Elephant Self Storage has been working with Expert Removals for many years as a preferred removal company. Expert removals is an Irish based transport company that specialise in relocation services and storage.

If you are looking to move home in an efficient and hassle free manner, you can click here to contact Expert Removals to discuss your needs.