Meet The Experts: Dermot Bannon Architects

Design And Architecture

Elephant Click & Store has selected 15 businesses that are experts in the house & home sector and offer professional services to their customers. This week, we are highlighting Dermot Bannon Architects – a company that provides outstanding architecture and design work to domestic and business clients.

About Dermot Bannon Architects

Established in 2008, Dermot Bannon Architects is an architectural firm based on the Seafront in Clontarf, overlooking Dublin Bay. Dermot Bannon Architects was founded by Dermot Bannon and Ian Hurley, on the belief that good design responds to its surrounding environment and resonates with the soul of a site in order to enhance the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Together, they formed a strong team with a wide background of experience in education, health, commercial and domestic work. Their goal is to guide clients toward a full realization of their vision by helping them visualise and realise the greatest potential for their space.

The aim is to integrate fun into function, generate opportunities from site constraints, and produce designs that are consistently bright and inspiring. The architects value the uniqueness of each client and their needs and are eager to approach each project, and each challenge with fresh inspired case-specific insights.

What They Do

Initial Design

The architect’s work begins with an analysis of your requirements. She or he will relate your needs and quality standards to your budget. The success of your project depends in large measure on the quality of your brief- your description to your architect of what you need from the building. This information enables your architect to develop a design related to your needs and wishes.

Developed Design

The architect will analyse your requirements further and will present developed proposals in the form of drawings for you to evaluate. Drawings can be difficult to understand, but it is vital that you work with your architect to fully understand the proposals, before applying for any planning permission and before starting to build.

Detail Design

Having translated your brief into a developed design, your architect will produce detailed drawings and specifications for competitive pricing by builders. The architect will prepare a list of suitable contractors with you. Contractors should be preselected on the basis of quality, and in general, the lowest tenderer will be awarded the contract. A good contractor represents real value in terms of reliability and quality, and will ultimately cost less than a poor one, no matter how cheap a price the latter might have submitted.


The architect will help you evaluate the tenders received, and, when construction starts, ad as your independent advisor during building work, liaising with the builder but independent of him, and inspecting the work at intervals on your behalf to ensure that it is being carried out generally in accordance with the contract documents.

If you are looking to build your dream home, or undergo a home renovation process to include unique designs, you can contact Dermot Bannon Architects here.