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The Importance Of Storage Packing Materials

Why Packing Your Goods In Appropriate Packing Material Is Important

Packing furniture, objects, and goods correctly are as important as finding a suitable storage solution.

Packing furniture for storage will guarantee that your pieces will stay perfectly protected for as long as you need them to stay in storage.

To start with, consider disassembling large furniture so that you can pack, transport, and store the separate pieces more easily and safely. In addition to the better level of protection, you’ll be able to use the storage space more efficiently due to the smaller size of the disassembled parts – which means that you will be able to fit more in your storage unit.

Now, this is where the wrapping comes in: wrap your furniture with blankets, sheets, or other suitable furniture covers to keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from your pieces. At Elephant Click & Store, you can find knitted polyester protective sheets available to be purchased onsite and online through the Box Shop.

These soft and breathing protective materials will not only keep your wood or leather furniture from accidental scratches or dents, but they will also enable the air to circulate freely around, thus eliminating the possibility of moisture accumulation and mold growth.

It also provides extra protection for all protruding parts of your furniture pieces such as legs, arms, etc. You can then add extra sheets of bubble wrap over these areas to improve protection. It’s advised never to place bubble wrap directly over delicate wood or leather surfaces, as it may lead to the formation of condensation, which will enable the growth of mold. Always use plastic wrap as the second line of protection over fabric or paper materials.

At the same time, furniture made with synthetic materials that do not “breathe” as solid wood and leather do, can actually be packed in plastic wrap directly.

At Elephant Box Shop you can find protective materials for mattresses and furniture, as well as boxes and packing supplies.

Source: Moving.Tips